Guided Program – Body Contouring & Weight Management

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This is your ultimate arsenal for kicking those weight issues to the curb! With goodies like the PNOE, STYKU, and a bunch of other cool modalities, we’re gearing you up with all the weapons necessary to wage war against those stubborn pounds.

  • 120 sessions
  • Can be used for: PNOE Metabolic Breath Analysis (Resting Test) x 2 | PNOE Metabolic Analysis (Active Test) x 2 | STYKU 3D Body Imaging x 4 | Whole Body Red Light Therapy (Stand Up Bed) x 40 | EWOT - Exercise with Oxygen Therapy x 40 | PEMF - Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy x 32
  • Also includes: Unwind Starter Pack
  • Valid for: 3 months
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