Unwind Starter Pack


“Picture this: The Unwind magic in a backpack (16.9 inches x 13.7 Inches) – because who says your wellness essentials can’t travel in style? Behold the red Unwind drawstring nylon backpack, crafted with the precisionof a well-organized wizard’s pouch. It’s the designated home for all your modality accessories – EWOT Mask, EWOT Mask Case, red light glasses, red light glasses pouch, and of course, the Unwind towel. It’s like a VIP suite for your self-care squad!

Now, imagine being the epitome of readiness and style, strutting around with your sleek Unwind backpack. Whether it’s the gym, a wellness retreat, or just conquering the day – you’re armed, fabulous, and always prepared for whatever life throws your way. Because why should self-care be anything less than a fashionable adventure? Get ready to slay the wellness game with the Unwind backpack – your modality superhero cape! “

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Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions16.9 × 13.7 × 16.9 in
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