STYKU 3D Body Scanning Service In Mesa & Surprise AZ

Unwind Wellness Presents STYKU

Revolutionizing 3D Body Scanning for Real Transformation

Welcome to Unwind Wellness, where we bring you the latest breakthrough in body measurement technology – STYKU, the world leader in 3D body scanning. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional weight scales and experience the true power of visualizing your body transformation in stunning 3D.

The Wellness Protocol

The Magic of 3D Body Scanning


At Unwind Wellness, we believe that true progress lies in the accurate assessment of your body’s changes. STYKU’s cutting-edge technology allows us to perform a 3D body scan in mere seconds, using a simple turntable and a 3D camera. In just 35 seconds, we capture millions of precise measurements with an incredible 2mm accuracy, reconstructing your body in stunning 3D detail.

Beyond the Scale – Empowering Real Transformation

Weight scales often mislead individuals into believing that their efforts are not yielding results. With STYKU, we go beyond the numbers on a scale and offer a transformative experience – seeing your body evolve in vivid 3D visuals. Witnessing your progress visually is undeniably more motivating and rewarding than relying on traditional weight measurements.

Accurate, Insightful, and Industry-Relevant

STYKU’s advanced technology is more than just a visual treat; it’s an invaluable tool for a range of industries:

Fitness Professionals

As a fitness professional, STYKU empowers you to track your clients’ progress accurately. Tailor customized fitness plans based on precise 3D measurements and visually showcase the progress to keep clients motivated and engaged throughout their fitness journey.

Doctors and Health Practitioners

In the medical field, understanding body composition and changes is crucial for diagnosing and treating various health conditions. STYKU provides healthcare professionals with a comprehensive view of their patients’ bodies, aiding in better patient care and monitoring.

Tailors and Fashion Industry

For tailors and the fashion industry, STYKU’s 3D body scans enable precise measurements, ensuring perfectly tailored clothing and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Your Transformation, Visualized

At Unwind Wellness, we are committed to your well-being and success. With STYKU’s advanced 3D body scanning, we can track your progress accurately, so you can celebrate your achievements and stay motivated throughout your journey.

How It Works:

and Efficient

STYKU’s process is quick and non-invasive. You simply stand on the turntable, and the 3D camera captures your body’s measurements in just 35 seconds.

of Measurements

With unparalleled 2mm accuracy, STYKU extracts millions of precise measurements, leaving no room for guesswork or estimation.

360° View

STYKU reconstructs your body in a full 3D model, giving you a complete 360° view of your physique.


Unlock Your True Potential

If you’re looking for a ‘styku body scanner near me’ in Mesa, AZ, look no further than Unwind Wellness. We proudly offer access to STYKU’s cutting-edge 3D body scanning technology right here in Mesa. Whether you’re eager to track your fitness progress, seeking professional health insights, or aiming for precision in the fashion industry, STYKU provides the tools to empower your body’s journey. Join us at Unwind Wellness and embark on a transformational experience with STYKU. Book your 3D body scan today and discover the power of visualizing your progress like never before.
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